7 Tips for Longer Looking Legs

We all look at those images of supermodels and celebs and wish our legs could look like theirs - so long and lean they’re bordering on ridiculous - but sadly we’re not all blessed with those “Twiggy” genes. Many women spend too much time hitching and pulling at tops to try to cover their thighs - remember that what we focus on is what we see, so stop doing that - it only draws attention to what you’re trying to hide, and makes your body look out of proportion with your legs. Instead, there are some easy tricks you can use on a daily basis to create the illusion of being “leggy”.

It’s said that the most universally popular body is when your torso appears shorter than the lower part of your body to create length through the legs. If your natural body shape has cheated you out of this, don’t despair. These tips will have you the envy of all your friends in no time!

1 Avoid hemlines that finish mid calf - this is the widest part of the lower leg and will make your calves appear wider. Choose full or ankle length which will elongate your legs

2 Try high waisted pants and skirts for a change, and tuck your top in. The high waist will create the illusion that your legs start higher than they do

3 Wear nude shoes if your hemline is not full length, or a shoe that matches the colour of your bottom half to create a longer looking leg

4 Remember that a vertical line creates the illusion of length so try incorporating stripes or pleats (see my Carefree Culottes

5 Wear shorter jackets and tops that finish on, or just below, the waistline

6 Rather than tucking your tops in all the way around, try just a side tuck at the front - the partial overlap of the tops is flattering, looks polished and lengthens the legs

7 Don't overdo the embellishments and details on the bottom half.  Large pockets and detailing interrupt the visual line, so best to keep it simple

Let me know if these tips have worked for you!

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