The $20 Lettuce!

Many years ago my partner was living in Samoa, and along with his flatmates decided to have a dinner party. Now being a beautiful Pacific Island nation one might expect an abundance of fresh local produce. However, that’s not always the case as it proved to be on this particular occasion. As part of the meal, they had decided to serve a fresh green salad. When they went to purchase the lettuce it was $20!! That’s a lot of money even now, but we’re talking over 20 years ago!! When they got home and began the meal preparations they just couldn’t bring themselves to eat this horribly expensive lettuce. Instead, they served fresh fish with a side of rice, beans, and a corn salsa. Two weeks later they threw the rotten lettuce out having never used it .

What’s that got to do with style? I’m glad you asked! A few days ago I had a conversation with a woman (not one of my clients) who wanted to purchase a pair of track pants that were $240. She was upset that they were expensive, and said if she bought them she would have to look after them so well that she would never wear them. Not being short of an opinion, I expressed that that didn’t make sense. Surely if you buy something expensive you want to get the most out of it and not leave it sitting in a drawer. She retorted that I obviously have a lot more money than her. Hmmmm………. My financial position is irrelevant, but what I’m talking about here is cost per wear. Surely it doesn’t matter how much money you do or don’t have, if you purchase something expensive and then never use it (read “lettuce and track pants” here), then it is definitely expensive. However, if you use/wear it the cost is reduced every single time. Last Spring I purchased a pair of leather pants that were definitely expensive. However, I have lived in them for the past 9 months and made the cost per wear minimal. In fact, I have enjoyed them so much that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair when these ones need to be moved on.

There are definitely some pieces worth investing more in than others. I will always invest more in capsule wardrobe pieces (see my previous blogs if you’re not sure what they are), and spend less on high trend garments that will only last a season although to be honest I’m not one to follow trends as I prefer to align to my own style personality.

How you choose to spend your wardrobe allowance is entirely up to you, but I implore you to save nothing for best - it’s crazy having something you love hidden away, and every day is our best day for we don’t know when our last will be. Don’t be that lettuce guy………

If you want help styling some of your favourite pieces that you’ve been saving for best, or have garments tucked away that you’ve never worn please drop me a line at - I’d love to help you get real bang for your buck x

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