Frequently asked questions

Is it expensive to use a stylist?

The value you receive will more than pay for your stylist’s services. During a wardrobe refresh Tracy will create many new options saving you money on shopping. That said, sometimes adding a few new pieces can elevate your look to the next level. Tracy will show you how to integrate them into your wardrobe saving you valuable time and money. No longer, will you have those “mistakes” hanging unworn in your closet - that’s wasted money!

My budget is limited - can you help me?

Tracy is committed to having you look and feel your very best no matter what your budget is.

How do I stay on trend without spending a fortune?

When it comes to being “on trend” sometimes adding one fashion item to a classic outfit is enough to make it pop. It’s better to “invest” in the classics (like Tracy’s favourite Capsule Wardrobe items) and spend less on high fashion pieces that will date quickly.

I have a big wardrobe, but only wear the same things - what can I do?

We actually only wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time! That means that 80% of our clothing is barely being used. When you book a wardrobe refresh Tracy will show you how to make use of all of your clothes so that you have loads of new outfit options without having to go shopping! This saves time and lots of money!

Can you teach me how to mix and match my clothes?

Tracy loves creating new looks from existing pieces - this means mixing and matching what you already have there. Sometimes adding one staple item can create a multitude of new outfits.

I don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else - where can I shop?

Stylists know where to source the right pieces within your budget, and can introduce you to new stores you might not have thought to try. When your look is curated specifically for you using your unique Style Categories, you will be your true individual self.

I’m plus size and want to look stylish - where can I shop?

Style has no age nor size limits! Everyone deserves to look and feel amazing - Tracy knows exactly where to take you to dress for YOU!

Do you have to be skinny to be stylish?

Style has no size limits - some of the most stylish women on the planet are plus size. Check out “Denise Bidot”, “Ashley Graham”, “Candice Huffine” - there are so many more.

I’ve gained/lost weight and don’t know how to dress now?

Women mentally add up to 35% to their image when looking in the mirror - this means that when our bodies change either by gaining our losing weight, we often don’t see the “real” us that everyone else sees. This can create huge challenges when trying to dress - Tracy will show you how to see your true self, and dress to feel confident and joyful.

I’m over 45 - am I too old for this?

As we age, we not only face physical change but often emotional change as well. Suddenly we find ourselves questioning what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Tracy will show you how to dress confidently at any age.

I don't live in Christchurch. Is there any way you can still help me?

Tracy has clients in all the major centres of New Zealand and is happy to travel. Please contact her to discuss how she can help you.