7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Me as Your Stylist (No. 5 May Surprise You!)

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Choosing a Stylist is a very personal thing. Given our clothing reflects our unique style personality, it is a true privilege to be invited into someone's wardrobe. When I hear of "stylists" who go through wardrobes and throw out anything they don't like, I cringe. To me these are not trained stylists, merely egotists who believe they have superior style. Another thing these so-called stylists often do is tell their clients "you must...... (insert "wear more colour", "wear black", "blah blah")". What a crock! Read on to learn what's different about me.

1 I don't force my style onto others - no-one wants to be a clone of their stylist. I learn exactly what my client wants to achieve during the Style Consultation, including their lifestyle, budget, style personality and much more.

2 I work collaboratively with my clients to curate a wardrobe that reflects THEM!

3 I have a long history of exceptional customer service helping people from all walks of life. Personal Stylists are not just for the rich and famous, and the best of us can work with any budget.

4 I have forged great relationships with many retailers who will give my clients exclusive discounts.

5 I'm wary of buying pieces because they're on sale. However, my services regularly pay for themselves when savvy purchases are made on sale items. These pieces must work with the rest of the wardrobe, and therefore don't go unworn (I often find sale garments with the tags still attached during my Wardrobe Refresh sessions).

6 As mentioned earlier, I'm a trained Personal Stylist. I chose to train with the Australian Style Institute because they focus not just on fashion and style, but also human connection which is paramount when creating stellar results for my clients.

7 And last but not least, even if you HATE shopping, I make it fun! I take what I do very seriously, but never myself so expect laughs, and often a glass of celebratory bubbles at the end!

If you would like to know more about what I do and how I can help you, please comment below or PM me.

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