5 Tips for Looking Slimmer.

Do you ever wonder how some people always manage to look slimmer than they really are? Or would you just love to know how to disguise your less favourable bits? Read on, ladies, these are 5 simple tips that celebrities use all the time!

1  Wear a Longer Outer Layer

Try layering a long vest or jacket over skinny jeans or pants. Not only will this disguise cellulite and unwanted bumps, but it adds a touch of elegance that will leave you feeling a million dollars!

2  Try a Flared Skirt

If you have any hips or thighs to speak of try a full skirt with a nipped in waist. The flared shape will likely flow nicely over the hips and accentuate your waist.

3  Belt Your Waist

Putting a belt around your waist is an easy way to fake an hourglass shape.  It works on any size woman, and works especially well when paired with tops with darkened side panels.

4  Monochrome

Wearing one colour from top to toe is visually lengthening making you look taller and leaner, and while most of us think black is the way to go, all white can be just as stunning for summer!

5  The Vee Neck

The slimming wonders of a vee neck will make your jawline and neck seem slimmer and longer, while the inverted vee mimics the silhouette of the hourglass. The area of the vee is called the vital vee, and if wearing a crew neck or polo, can be simulated by wearing a necklace or scarf. Keeping this area “open” makes us seem more approachable and honest - who knew?!

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