How to Dress For Work in Winter

Does the thought of dressing for work in winter fill you with dread? We can feel so uninspired when having to put on our biggest puffer jacket to keep warm in our bitterly cold winters (well, down here in Christchurch anyway). Here are a few outfits to keep you stylish and inspired.

1 Don't put your white pants away just because it's winter. Pair them with a cozy sweater, a chunky handbag, and ankle boots for year round use!

2 Because I can't go past animal print and faux fur! If a coat is too much, try a cropped jacket.

3 Pleated skirts are still going strong, as are leather bomber jackets! Pair them with ankle boots and you're away laughing!

4 Monochromatic with matching coat - very European!

5 Try belting your blazer to avoid bulky looking layers and emphasise your waist.

6 The pant suit is a classic for year round style!

7 A turtle neck sweater is a timeless classic, but can be paired with a floral skirt and ankle boots for an on trend look.

8 Cashmere and layers are oh so elegant - if cream and beige aren't practical for work, try greys, blacks or navy.

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