Beware the Bargain - Shop Like a Stylist

How exciting is this time of year?Spring horse racing and the gorgeous fashions associated with it, longer days, summer barbecues, Christmas festivities, and SALES!!!

It used to be that sales began on Boxing Day, and whilst many still do, we are seeing amove towards pre-Xmas bargains as retailers compete for the Christmas dollar.Now I love a bargain as much as the next girl, but having been burned in the past I am much more discerning with my sale shopping these days.

When performing Wardrobe Refreshes with my clients, 99% of them will have items that still have the tags attached, and invariably have a markdown on them.Sometimes my clients are reluctant to let them go because they have never been worn, but the majority do a kind of half laugh and say “I have no idea why I bought that?!”Sadly, they have probably shopped with emotion - you know that high you get when you see the massive reduction from the original price, and just know that the more you spend the more you save?! hahaWell, we have probably all done that, and then felt regret some months (or even years) later when our once fabulous bargain is now fossilising in the back of the wardrobe waiting for the right occasion.

To prevent this happening to you, or happening to you again, remember these key points:

1It’s not a bargain, if it doesn’t work with your existing wardrobe

2Shop with intent instead of emotion - meaning you know what you need before you hit the shops

3Consider whether you would want it if it was still full price

4Think about cost per wear - if you only wear it once, it’s not really a bargain

5Does it fit with your personal style?

If you bear these tips in mind during the coming weeks and months, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of some great discounts knowing they will really add value to your wardrobe this coming season x

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