Activewear and Leggings - the Bane of My Life

Anyone who has attended one of my presentations will know without a shadow of doubt how I feel about activewear and leggings - I passionately dislike them. I pride myself on being non-judgemental about other’s clothing choices, it is all about personal preference and feeling good - but I cannot, no matter how hard I try, just cannot, get past activewear and leggings. Side note here: leggings can be worn under other garments such as layering pieces and dresses (at a push), but should never show the butt. This is a sweeping statement, but for me they are tasteless and unflattering no matter what size you are. Teens and young women can get away with them, but they would still look much better in casual garments which are comfortable and far more flattering. Once we reach a certain age, the cruel reality of gravity hits us like a ton of bricks - our legs appear shorter as our butts descend towards our feet, our boobs aren’t up where they once were - we raise the waistband of our tee to view them instead of looking down the neck! No matter what size we are, and how hard we work out, our bodies betray us and our butts get the sag - nature can be cruel - but there are so many ways of looking fabulous and showing off our assets, we have no need to despair!

As for activewear, I think that someone somewhere is horrified that what they started as a joke has now gained traction to the point where some women do believe it is trendy to go out with their hair and makeup immaculate whilst wearing their Lulu Lemon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brand but only for exercising - that is why it is called “activewear”. I’m talking about the women who get up, shower, do their hair and makeup, and then consciously decide to wear their latest activewear to go out in. Why??? Just why??? As a guide, if you’re going out for coffee or shopping, and you feel you need to do your hair and makeup, activewear is not appropriate. Wear some well cut jeans, a good shirt and blazer, or jeans, a tee, and some cool sneakers. I know that many women wear makeup while working out - I get that. I often go walking with my makeup on - I can’t be responsible for terrifying my neighbourhood without it. And I also know, that sometimes we have to pop into the grocery store or pharmacy after working out, and invariably we will get caught by someone we know - that is fine. But please stop wearing it as a style statement, that’s all.

If you read my last blog which detailed 11 wardrobe essentials you must have, you will note that there was not one item of activewear on the list - there’s a reason for that! Activewear is not a wardrobe staple, it is part of our clothing we need for keeping fit and healthy, and looking great in our everyday life. Please keep it for it’s intended use only............

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