Tracy's Mission


"Using exceptional customer service coupled with a high level of empathy and humour, Tracy curates a wardrobe that reflects the unique style personality of her client leading to increased confidence, thus allowing her to live her happiest and most fulfilling life."

"What you have given me is amazing. Thank you for giving me 'ME' back and helping me to find my own identity."                                                                    - Vicki

" very friendly and professional. I now know what best emphasises my positive attributes. It was a great experience - I highly recommend it."           - Michele

"You have made such a difference to my overall feeling about myself and my clothes... It is quite unbelievable the difference it has made... You are amazing"             - Toni

"... you sure know how to make a woman feel better, and to put a smile back on her face as well as how to grow her confidence - you truly are a star!                             - Phillipa

"Thanks for a fantastic day. I'm so happy! I'm heading out tonight with confidence and I feel sexy! You're AMAZING! Thank you so much."                                                 - Fiona